JavaForce : CodecPack

Codec Pack

Desc : The CodecPack allows some JavaForce based apps to use native code to work with popular media files.

The latest JF apps will now prompt to download and install the CodecPack automatically if not detected on Windows.
To manually install, follow these steps:
Download the Shared DLLs from here and extract the DLLs in the bin folder to %APPDATA%\FFMPEG
7Zip to extract them.
You must download the version that matches your Java version, not your Windows.
For example, it is possible to run 32bit Java on 64bit Windows.

Please refer to your Linux distro on installing ffmpeg (version 2.0 (API 55) is currently required).
Ubuntu:Includes a fork of ffmpeg called (package:libav-tools) but before version 14.04 was missing libswresample.
Fedora:The following repos or have a version of ffmpeg that works.

Mac OSX:
You can use brew to install ffmpeg. Just install brew and then from the terminal run:
brew install ffmpeg --with-vpx --with-theora --with-vorbis

FFMPEG Version 2.0 was released on July 10, 2013.