JavaForce (JF) is a Java library extending the capabilities of Java.
It includes a VoIP stack and JNA bindings for FFMPEG, OpenGL, Camera, etc.

JF is the core library in the Java infused Linux Operating system

JF also includes the following apps : jPhoneLite (VoIP SIP SoftPhone) , jPBXLite (VoIP SIP PBX) , jfBroadcast (VoIP SIP AutoDialer) , Telnet client , FTP Client , Torrent client/tracker/maker , Passwords Manager , Paint , Video Creator , Audio Editor , Music Editor , Media Player , Record Desktop , Record Camera , Proxy Server , DNS Server , DHCP Server , STUN/TURN Server , Text Editor , Network Tools , Remote Desktop(RDP) , and many more...

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JavaForce is also used to create : JFCraft (a Minecraft clone).

Compatibility Matrix:
OpenGL *1
Camera *1*2
Native Sound *1 *3
*1 : All extensions are implemented in pure JNA without any native coding or external libraries.
*2 : Only a few pixel formats are supported.
*3 : Native Sound provides better latency over Java Sound in some JVMs.