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JavaForce (JF) is a Java library extending the capabilities of Java.
It includes a VoIP stack and bindings for FFMPEG, OpenGL, Camera, etc.

Important Notice : Many JF apps include a Windows Native Loader that is being falsely identified as a virus.
Probably because it uses Windows API to download Java if not found which is the same API many virus use.
Strange is that only the 32bit version gets flagged.

JF includes the following apps : jPhoneLite (VoIP SIP SoftPhone) , jPBXLite (VoIP SIP PBX) , jfBroadcast (VoIP SIP AutoDialer) , Telnet client , FTP Client , Torrent client/tracker/maker , Passwords Manager , Paint , Video Creator , Audio Editor , Music Editor , Media Player , Record Desktop , Record Camera , Proxy Server , DNS Server , DHCP Server , STUN/TURN Server , Text Editor , Network Tools , Remote Desktop(RDP) , and many more...

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JavaForce is used to create : JFCraft (a Minecraft clone).

JF is the core library in the Java infused Linux Operating system