JavaForce is a growing library with many sub-projects.

JF is now the core library in the new Java infused Linux Operating system

Apps include jPhoneLite (VoIP SIP SoftPhone) , jPBXLite (VoIP SIP PBX) , jfBroadcast (VoIP SIP AutoDialer) , Telnet client , FTP Client , Torrent client/tracker/maker , Passwords Manager , Paint , Video Creator , Audio Editor , Music Editor , Record Desktop , Record Camera , Proxy Server , DNS Server , DHCP Server , STUN/TURN Server , and many more...

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Note about applets:
To run the JavaForce applets you must download and install the certificate (right-click and click "Save link as...").
Goto your control panel, click on Java, click on Security Tab, click on Manage certificates, change certificate type to "Signer CA", click import and import the file above.
Now the applets will be trusted and you have the option to always run them without a security prompt.
Note: The lastest JF apps will import this certificate automatically on Windows systems the first time they are run.